A New Beginning

The North Texas Caledonian Pipes & Drums have been an organization in North Texas for decades. Over the past few years they have seen a dramatic increase in the public's enthusiasm for the pipes and drums. Growing membership has enabled them to create an affiliated band, the Allan Ballantyne Memorial Pipe Band. Both Bands compete at various Highland Games, bringing back numerous awards. The future looks bright for piping and drumming in Dallas/Fort Worth. It truly is 'A New Beginning'. Find this album on amazonmusic.

1 Slow Air/Strathspey/Reel

2 March/Strathspey/Reel

3 Amazing Grace

4 6/8 March Medley

5 Kitchen Piping

6 Quick March Medley

7 The Walrus

8 2/4 March Medley

9 Lament/Jigs

10 Tag Team Solos

11 Desert Storm

12 Highland Boom

Na Pib Mhala Alainn 

"Na Pib Mhala Alainn" (gaeilic for "The Bagpipes That Are Beautiful") is the spirit that guided the NTCPD to producing this album. This CD blends both traditional and contemporary flavors of bagpipe and pipe band drumming, including an array of composers from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the U.S.  Find this album on amazonmusic.

1 Hornpipes

2 Grade 5 Quick March Medley

3 An Dro

4 Reels

5 Pub Jigs

6 Greg's MSR

7 3/4 Groove

8 The Recruits

9 6/8 March Set

10 Duthart Drum Salute

11 Grade 4 Quick March Medley

12 Grade 3 Medley

13 Boyce's Tunes

14 Grade 4 Medley

15 The Gael